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Liebherr Liebherr LR631 Series 1 Operation and Maintenance Manual

Brand: Liebherr
Model: LR631C, LR641 Operator's Manual
Language: English
Format: PDF
Product line: Crawler Loaders
Publication type: Operator's Manual

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Liebherr LR631 Series 1 Operation and Maintenance ManualOperation & Maintenance manual contains:
• Safety information
• Operating instructions and guidelines
• Maintenance guidelines
• Instructions and guidelines for special attachments / optional equipment.
This manual should be given to the operator and maintenance personnel who should read it carefully
at regular intervals and before operating or servicing the machine, before performing any of the
following tasks:
• Operation, including set up, troubleshooting during operation, removal of production debris,
service, removal of oils, lubricants, fuels and operating fluids,
• Maintenance, including inspection, upkeep and/ or
• Transportation.
Reading this manual will familiarize the operator with his LIEBHERR machine and prevent problems
due to improper operation.
Following the operation and maintenance guidelines by maintenance personnel will:
• increase reliable service,
• increase service life expectancy of your LIEBHERR machine and
• reduce repair costs and downtime.

Liebherr operator's manual consist of 138 pages.

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